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War and Peace战争与和平Is war inevitable? Can war be prevented?战争是一种必然吗?战争可以避免吗?History tells us that there were wars,great or small,历史告诉我们,有大大小小的战争in every century, in every decade.发生在在每个世纪,每一个十年Throughout the ages, from the Stone Age to the Atomic Age,从古至今,由石器时代到原子时代,men have been fighting,first with swords and shields,人们都在相斗,最初用剑和盾,then with guns and cannons,然后是炮,and now,hydrogen bombs and missiles are used military purposes.现在是将氢弹和导弹用于军事目的了But,in spite of all these, it is still my belief that war can be prevented虽然这样,我还是坚信战争可以避免,and peace can be won but it requires the eft of each and every one of us,和平可以得到不过需要我们人人的努力,and everyone in the world.每一个世人的努力I am sure that we would not like to experience another world war.我确信我们都不愿再经受另一次世界大战If it ever happens, two-thirds of the world如果发生的话,世界的三分之二,and much of the civilization which men have gained through time,和许多由世代人们得到的文化,patience and eft will be destroyed.经过忍耐和努力而得到的,都将遭到毁灭Will the remaining one-third of the world be able to survive on its own?那时,留下的三分之一的世界能够独自生存下去吗?Our task now is not to blame the past, but to plan the future.我们现在的任务不是谴责过去,而是要计划将来If there is peace in the world,如果世上有和平,men can use their rockets to explore the mystery of space,人类可以用他们的火箭探测太空的神秘,their submarines to explore the depth of the sea,用他们的潜水艇测量海洋的深度,their missiles to deliver mail用他们的导弹来寄邮件and their fine equipment to penetrate the jungles of Africa,用他们的良好设备深入非洲的丛林,instead of using them militarily.从而代替这些武器在军事上的使用Governments can use their money to build more schools,政府可以用他们的钱建造更多的学校,so that more children can be educated to be useful citizens.使更多的儿童受到教育,成为有用的公民Scientists can use atomic energy to propel steamers and planes.科学家可以用原子能发动轮船和飞机,They can also devise new machines to increase the production of goods同时可发明新机器,增加物品的生产,and thus improve the way people live their lives.从而改变人们的生活How can a peaceful world be achieved? It requires,in my opinion,怎样才可能实现一个和平的世界呢?我认为,the understanding and friendship of all the peoples from all nations.这需要各国人民之间的了解和友谊Let no one suffer discrimination by reason of colour, race,没有人会受到歧视因为肤色,种族religion or national origin.宗教和国籍Let the rich support the poor and the strong help the weak.让富有的帮助贫穷的,强的扶助弱的We know that neither peace nor such a dream world我们知道,不论和平还是这样的理想世界,can come true in a day or a month.都不可能在一天,一个月内实现,It may even take decades or centuries But let us plan and begin now.那需要几十年甚至几百年让我们现在就作出计划并付诸行动吧! 0

Tess,very pale,had gone to the door some fresh air.苔丝面色惨白地走到了门口,她需要一些新鲜空气tunately the butter suddenly came.But Tess remained depressed all afternoon.幸好,黄油突然出来了但是,那一下午苔丝都郁郁寡欢To the others the story was funny.She alone could see the sorrow in it,and it reminded her of her experience.对其他人来说,故事只是好笑而已而她却独自体会到了其中的悲伤,这让她重新想起了她的遭遇Tess was first in bed that night,and was half asleep as the other girls undressed.那晚,苔丝第一个上床睡觉了当别的姑娘们在脱衣时,她已经快要睡着了She saw them standing at the window looking at someone in the garden with great interest.她发现她们站在窗前,兴致勃勃地看着园子里的某个人第二、语段精讲1. To the others the story was funny.短语注释:be funny to sb.的意思是“对于某人说是有趣的”例如:Kidding others is funny to John. 约翰觉得拿别人来开玩笑是有趣的事情. She alone could see the sorrow in it,and it reminded her of her experience.词语注释:see在这里的意思是“感悟,理解,明白,领会”的意思例如:He didnt see the joke. 他没听懂这个笑话I dont think she saw the point of the story. 我看她没有明白那故事的意思短语注释:remind sb. of sth.的意思是“使某人想起某事”“唤起某人记忆起某事”例如:Im cowardly about things that remind me of myself. 我对那些使我回忆起往事的东西总感到胆怯Now that you remind me of this matter, I have a vague impression of it. 这事经你一提醒, 我脑子里才有点儿影子3. Tess was first in bed that night,and was half asleep as the other girls undressed.短语注释:half sleep的意思是“半醒半睡”,表示没有完全入睡,还是可以轻微知道周围发生的事情例如:Still half sleep, he gropes the clock, manages to turn off the alarm, then pulls the covers over himself again. 他半醒半睡地去摸那个钟,设法把响铃关住,然后又把被子拉过来盖上. She saw them standing at the window looking at someone in the garden with great interest.文法:see sb doing something这个结构的意思是“看见某人正在做某事”文中是saw them standing at the window中standing at the window是现在分词短语作宾语them的补足语短语注释:with great interest的意思是“带有极大兴趣地”“饶有兴趣地”例如:I had followed with great interest a story in the papers. 我满有兴味地想起纽约报纸上登的一则故事One book in particular took his attention he several pages with great interest. 有一本书特别引起他的注意,他很感兴趣地读了几页5. Tess,very pale,had gone to the door some fresh air.文法:very pale是形容词做伴随状况状语,描绘出苔丝的神情短语注释:go to somewhere some fresh air的意思是“到某处去呼吸新鲜空气”文中说到的是苔丝go to the door some fresh air,意思是苔丝走到门口去呼吸下新鲜空气这样的行为说明苔丝心理压力很大,通过一些新鲜空气来驱散心中的阴影例如:I went to the fields some fresh air. 我到田野里呼吸新鲜空气 89

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